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Troubleshooting tips for connecting with a third-party financial management app to Guideline
Troubleshooting tips for connecting with a third-party financial management app to Guideline

If you're having trouble connecting your Guideline account to a financial tracking app, these tips can help.

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When you connect your Guideline account to a financial management app, like Wealthfront or Quicken, it should show all your Guideline account balances.

If the app won’t connect to your Guideline account, certain account types are not displaying, or your balance does not match what’s in your Guideline dashboard, there may be an issue with how the app syncs to Guideline.

Financial management apps may include:



Simplifi by Quicken


Rocket Money

eMoney Advisor



You Need a Budget (YNAB)



Monarch Money


*Guideline cannot guarantee third-party syncing will work properly with listed or unlisted financial management apps.

How to fix syncing issues with third-party financial apps

Here are several troubleshooting tips to help you resolve any issues that are preventing your Guideline account and balance info from syncing to your financial management app.

Verify or update your password

We always recommend using the system-generated third-party password available within your Guideline account when connecting external apps for security purposes.

If you recently changed the primary password for your Guideline account, then your third-party password was updated automatically, as well. As a result, you may need to access the new third-party password and log back into your financial management app with the updated credentials.

You can find out more about your secure third-party password and how to access it here.

Review the information being shared with your app

When you connect your Guideline account to a third-party financial app, the app will have access to your account details via a read-only display. The read-only display should include all the necessary information the app needs for financial reporting, including your account details, balances, and investments. The app should not be able to make changes to your Guideline account.

The information we share with the third-party financial app includes your Guideline account types and the associated balances, funds, and transactions for each. To review the information that is being shared with the third-party financial app, log into your Guideline account using the email address you typically use to log in and the unique third-party password (not your actual Guideline account password).

If the information is not correct:

If any of your Guideline accounts are not included within this page (for instance, your IRA is missing) or the information displaying does not match with what’s in your main dashboard, feel free to contact us for assistance.

If the information is correct:

If your account info and balances are displaying correctly in the read-only version, then the financial app may not be pulling the correct information into their system. In this case, you will need to reach out to the app’s customer support team for assistance.

You can usually find support contact information within the company’s website or by going to the app in your App Store® or Google Play Store and viewing the contact details provided in the App Support section.

Please note that Guideline cannot guarantee third-party syncing will work properly with all financial management apps. If your Guideline account will not link with the app, we recommend reaching out to their app support team for assistance.

Additionally, if you decide to connect your Guideline account to third-party financial apps, the information we disclose to them for this purpose may also be subject to the third-party’s privacy policy. Guideline is not responsible for any issues that may arise regarding the privacy policies or practices of any of these apps. See our Privacy Policy for more information regarding how we protect your information.

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