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Can Guideline Pro connect with third-party data aggregators?
Can Guideline Pro connect with third-party data aggregators?

Guideline Pro can connect with third-party data aggregators to help advisors manage client data in one place.

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With Guideline Pro, you can integrate with a third-party data aggregator, which may help you view and manage your client book across recordkeepers.

Connecting your Guideline client accounts to an aggregator can provide you with an overview of your clients’ plan assets at the fund level, along with some basic information, such as total eligible employees and plan participants.

Which third-party aggregators does Guideline Pro integrate with?

At this time, Guideline can provide a data feed to the Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG). We anticipate adding additional data aggregators in 2024.

How to connect your client data to a third-party data aggregator?

If you’re interested in having your clients’ Guideline data sync with RPAG, please contact your GPro Relationship Manager. We will then send you an authorization form for data sharing.

When the form is completed, please email it back to You can expect our team to complete the integration within 3 business days.

Once the integration is connected, your clients’ plan trustees will receive a notification on their dashboard and via email to notify them about the data-sharing arrangement.

When will I be able to view the data in the third-party aggregator?

Data will be compiled starting on the date the integration is initiated. However, the data will not be viewable in the aggregator until the second day of the following month.

For instance, if your integration begins on March 15, your clients’ data would be shared with RPAG on April 2. The April feed would then contain the data compiled from the month of March.

Is the fund-level data available within Guideline Pro?

Yes, quarterly Asset Detail Reports are available in your Guideline Pro dashboard. To access the reports, click on your firm name on the right side of the main menu, then select Resource library and access the Reports folder.

The reports will include a list of all your firm's clients and the funds that each client’s plan holds as of the last day of the quarter with the following fields:

  • Plan number

  • Plan name

  • Fund CUSIP value

  • Fund ticker value

  • Fund name

  • Market value

  • Effective date

  • Fund expense ratio (%)

Learn more about the Quarterly Asset Detail Reports available within Guideline.

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