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How to add new employees to your Guideline roster
How to add new employees to your Guideline roster
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The Guideline roster helps sponsors view and manage current and former employees who may currently participate in your 401(k) plan, may be eligible to participate in the plan, or who may otherwise be entitled to receive plan information (e.g. terminated employees). Details found in this section generally mirror your payroll provider’s census reports, so please ensure that employee records are up-to-date with your payroll provider.

When employee details have been added to the Roster tab of your Guideline administrator dashboard, Guideline automatically assesses employee 401(k) eligibility based on your plan’s eligibility requirements (months of service and age).

If an employee is eligible to participate, Guideline automatically sends them an email invitation with information on how to set up their Guideline account, or how to opt-out of participation. You can check the status of an employee’s invitation, resend employee invitations, and determine whether an employee has taken action on their invitation by searching for the employee in the Roster tab and reviewing the “Status” and “Description” columns. Please be sure to remind new employees about Guideline’s automatic enrollment policy.

Guideline roster updates vary depending on which payroll provider you use.

360˚ integrated payroll providers

For 360˚ integration payroll providers, Guideline imports relevant employee details (e.g. names, dates of hire, dates of birth, termination dates, etc.) from your payroll provider’s portal in nightly syncs, and will then automatically create an employee profile on your Guideline roster. To ensure that employees appear on your Guideline roster, please first confirm that you have created an employee profile within your payroll provider’s portal before reaching out to Guideline.

Please note that once an employee has set up their Guideline participant profile, some employee information may not update in Guideline (e.g., email addresses). If a profile change must be made, the employee will need to update their personal information within their participant dashboard.

180˚ sync payroll providers

For 180˚ payroll providers, Guideline pulls applicable census reports from your payroll provider on a biweekly cadence to add new employees and update employment statuses for terminated employees. If you would like to expedite the process or if an employee has been hired during a time where we are not performing a sync, you may add employees directly in the Roster tab of your Guideline administrator dashboard by clicking on “Add Employee” on the right-hand side of the page.

Self-service payroll

For self-service plans, you must log in and add new employees directly to the Roster tab by clicking on “Add Employee” on the right-hand side of the page.

As Guideline will not have access to your payroll provider’s platform, you are responsible for managing and updating your Guideline roster. You can use census reports generated with your payroll provider, and ensure that employees have been invited to participate in the plan, when eligible, in accordance with your plan’s service requirement.

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