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How can I be removed as an administrator, collaborator, trustee, or primary benefit administrator?
How can I be removed as an administrator, collaborator, trustee, or primary benefit administrator?
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As an administrator, collaborator, trustee, or primary benefits administrator (PBA) on a Guideline 401(k) plan, you will automatically have access to an administrator dashboard and receive important emails from Guideline regarding the administration of the plan. If you are no longer working with the company or would no longer like to serve the assigned roles, your profile must be removed from the trustee or PBA dashboards.

Here’s how to revoke access to these various roles.

Removing administrators or collaborators

If you are an administrator or collaborator, access is provided and managed entirely by either the trustee or PBA of the plan.

To request removal of your administrator or collaborator designation, you can contact your plan’s trustee or PBA directly. If you are unsure who the trustee of the plan is, please review your Summary Plan Description, which is located in the Resource Library under “Your Plan Information” of your Guideline administrator dashboard.

For the removal of non-trustee or non-primary benefit administrator roles, trustees and primary benefit administrators can remove access from the Settings section in their Guideline administrator dashboards.

Revoking the trustee role

As the trustee holds the highest level of administration of the plan, the company must reassign this role to another individual in accordance with the company’s bylaws. To reassign a trustee role, the company should complete and submit a “Trustee Change Packet.” The trustee role cannot be reassigned until this process is completed.

Revoking the primary benefit administrator role

Similar to the trustee role, the PBA role must be reassigned before administrative privileges can be revoked. Only the trustee can reassign this role within the Settings section of the Guideline administrator dashboard. The PBA role will remain in place until the trustee has made this change

For follow ups or status update requests regarding access changes, please contact the trustee or PBA of the plan.

To confirm what role you have been assigned, please see this article.

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