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What are Participant Perks?
What are Participant Perks?

If your company 401(k) is an Enterprise plan, then you'll have access to exclusive discounts through Participant Perks.

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Participant Perks are special offers on financial tools and services that could help employees create a more well-rounded roadmap to retirement. Access to these features are only available to Guideline 401(k) participants whose employer selected our Enterprise tier.

Here are answers to common questions about these exclusive offers:

What are the current offers available?

The following companies currently offer a special benefit to Guideline Enterprise participants:

  • Origin: An all-in-one financial planning platform where you can track financial milestones, get expert advice, take action to reach savings goals, and manage money with ease.

    • Offer: 2 months free, 25% off after

  • Trust & Will: Makes it easy to create an estate plan that’s customized to fit your needs, your life, and your legacy.

    • Offer: 25% off fees for any estate plan product

  • Playbook: Playbook uses sophisticated tax strategies with the goal of helping you maximize your tax advantages, lower your tax bill, and raise your returns. Get in the fast lane to financial freedom.

    • Offer: 3 months free, 35% off after

  • Beagle: A retirement concierge that helps you find your old 401(k) accounts, discover hidden fees, and consolidate accounts with their hassle-free rollover service.

    • Offer: Free searches for participant’s 401(k) plans and 50% off related rollover service fees

How can I redeem these offers?

If your company is on our Enterprise tier, you should receive an email regarding your Participant Perks. To access these exclusive deals, you must use the unique links provided within that email. If you cannot locate the email, your plan administrator within your company should have access to the Participant Perks resources and links.

Will there be more offers added?

Our team regularly works with vendors to review additional services we can offer our Enterprise customers. Check back every so often to see if there are new benefits.

Who can I reach out to if I have a question about these services?

If you have a question about any of these services, please contact their support team directly. Guideline’s support teams will be unable to answer questions regarding their specific products, services, or offers. You can find the contact us page for each company below:

Can I add Participant Perks to my plan?

If you're a 401(k) participant, please share your interest in Participant Perks available through our Enterprise tier with your employer.

If you’re an employer currently offering a 401(k) through our Starter or Core plan, please reach out to Sponsor Support to learn more about upgrading to Enterprise to access this benefit.

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